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Spruce - 14' Paddle Fishing w/ pedal rudder

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The Spruce is a 14' fishing kayak with upgraded standing stability and keel for cutting through choppy water. Stand up fishing is possible in shallow and calm waters; the hull has a wide array of fishing features that would satisfy any serious angler!

The large reversible hatch is unparalleled; it is one of our favorite features. Simply open and spin the lid over to reveal almost endless mounting configurations and a custom insert for unique accessories. Keep your gear dry and out of the sun until you need it! The Spruce has a rudder with an adjustable pedal steering system along with a live bait well / anchor storage compartment. With multiple aluminum accessory rails there are literally hundreds of gear layout options.

This boat really is loaded with possibilities, multiple locations to add additional rod holders, scupper hole plugs, 2 dry hatches, molded cup holders, paddle keepers, tie downs and an awesome comfortable aluminum seat. This boat rocks!


Available Colors: Red Camo, Green Camo
Passengers: 1
Length: 14'
Width: 30"
Weight: 72 lbs
Capacity: 348 lbs