Our Story

Where it begins...

Our story begins with a love of water and recreational water sports. For years we would rent canoes and kayaks as a weekend adventure and occasionally do some whitewater rafting. All of that changed as our love for paddling adventures grew.

Our group of friends all started buying canoes and kayaks and trying out different rivers and sections surrounding our homes. As the passion for the sport grew stronger, we began researching bigger adventure trips and scheduled a trip on the Cumberland in Big South Fork.

The rapids were small and the scenery was indescribable, but we were forever hooked. We scheduled a training class with the Nantahala Outdoor Center in North Carolina and the rest is history. We love the heart of a paddler – the moment you meet strangers at a put-in and then become lifelong friends by the takeout.

The willingness to help others, lost a paddle? Pinned a boat? Everyone works together to help each other on a river or lake. We wanted to encompass that culture to bring a new brand to paddlers. A brand that is formulated for all paddlers – fishing, white water, recreational, ISUP and anyone else that has a passion for paddling water sports!

In 2020 we took that dream and began taking steps to make it a reality.

Big South Paddle Co. is a dream, idea, culture, and mindset.

Will you join us on this journey?

Bill & Kristin Nishanian
— Owners • Husband & Wife • Parents • Paddlers