Boat Care

How to Care for and Store Your Big South Paddle Canoe or Kayak


The Alder canoe is best stored upside down on its gunwales. It should be placed on sawhorses with the sawhorses placed 58” from bow to stern. When a canoe is stored upside down properly it prevents the hull shape from warping or flattening. It is important to support the Alder correctly and keep it stored out of direct sunlight. We recommend using 303 UV protectant twice a year, it helps prevent fading and cracking. If the boat is used in saltwater, please rinse with fresh water after use.


Big South Kayaks are best stored in kayak racks designed for storage, normally these are hanging racks or racks that will hold your boat off the ground. When using a rack the goal is to protect the hull. The hull is best supported stored on its side or upside down. Be sure to store your boat while it is clean – rinse your kayak after use with clean water. Make sure to get any dirt off; avoid chemicals, only water is needed. Be sure to store your kayak out of direct sunlight or directly on the ground. It is important to center the weight of the boat so the pressure points are distributed evenly. We recommend using 303 UV protectant every couple of months.