Frequently Asked Questions

General Info

Choosing the right boat for you is very important! Think about what you want to accomplish in the boat. If you are using it for recreation and some fishing, you'll want to look at kayaks that can hold fishing accessories. If you want to use a kayak for tripping, our crossover kayak may be perfect for you. Keep in mind the smaller the boat, the more maneuverability you have, the larger the boat, the more stability you have.

Our headquarters is in TN and we are adding deals frequently.

Yes you can, if you are in the area to our warehouse we have demo canoes and kayaks available to you.

Please contact us, we would be happy to talk to you.

Product Help

Each of our boat lines are very different with what comes standard. Please look under each boat for a detailed list of what is standard for the boat. If you have any questions reach out to us, we are happy to assist!

All BSP docks come with a custom carry case, dual action pump and repair kit. The exception is the 6 x19 inflatable dock, this comes with a 600W electric pump.

All BSP inflatable Packrafts include a custom carry case, aluminum paddle, double action pump and repair kit.

You should store your kayak on its side, preferably on a wall hanger, or vertically. The best way to store our canoes is upside down on the gunwales on sawhorses or rests. If you store your canoe or kayak flat on the ground beware that it can cause hull damage; placing a piece of foam underneath can help prevent any warping.

There are a lot of DIY videos out there for plastic welding and the tools needed are easily available. Please contact us and we would be happy to point you in the right direction.

Our inflatables are not designed to be towed.

Yes, our products can be used in a ocean, lake or river. If using in an ocean please rinse with fresh water after use.

Our boats are made from a process called rotomolding. Poured plastic is poured into the mold and it is rotated to form the boat. This is why the colors can vary slightly. Each boat is completely unique when it comes to this process regarding the color.

You can clean your kayak or canoe with fresh water, if needed you can use a mild soap.

Order Status

For canoes and kayaks - Please allow 3-5 days for processing and approximately 7-14 days for shipping. Shipping is variable depending on where we are shipping across the country. We always give the worst case scenario and aim to get your order out as fast as possible. Our warehouse is located in Lewisburg, TN; we offer delivery or will meet you in a 60 mile radius. If you prefer that method, please email us, and we will arrange transport of your canoe or kayak within 5 business days.

Our kayaks and canoes can be shipped to the contiguous states, which excludes Alaska and Hawaii. Our inflatables are able to be shipped in all 50 states.

Our products are all shipped from our warehouse in Lewisburg TN.

Yes we do, it differs for each product. Please look under warranty information under each product. We take pride in the construction and durability of our products!

We accept returns on all our products in unused condition still in original packaging. You'll have to pay for the shipping back, once we receive the item back, we will ensure it has not been used or damaged and process a refund. If you receive and item that has been damaged or is incorrect, please contact us, we will get the item returned to us and you taken care of quickly!