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The Coyle is a multipurpose crossover kayak. The large molded cockpit features a sport tracking retractable fin with steering controls. The Coyle is the must-have go-to for all types of water, making it one of our most versatile boats.

The shape, rocker and removable spray skirt make it an ideal expedition kayak. Features include an adjustable footrest, retractable sport Skeg fin tracking system, knee brace, removable spray skirt, plenty of tie-down deck storage, and a heavy-duty large stern hatch with a cover.

To get you on the water faster, we’ve included an adjustable waist neoprene spray skirt specifically made for the Coyle. It is rated highly by our staff for stability, maneuverability, and tracking.


Color: Orange Sunburst
Passengers: 1
Length: 12'9"
Width: 27"
Weight: 55 lbs
Capacity: 331 lbs