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Laurel - 12' Recreation 1-2 Person

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The Laurel is a self-bailing, tandem / solo sit on top kayak with three seating positions. This boat has a double keel, and it can be used in rivers, flat water and light surf. It is the perfect kayak for almost any age, experience level or water type.

The Laurel is just under 12' and is stable enough to use the standing platform. Features include motor mounting position, supper hole plugs, cup holder, adjustable footrest, paddle keepers, rear tiedown storage well and dry storage compartment in the front. Would you believe this boat can hold a whopping 661 lbs!? Bring it on!


Color: Lime
Passengers: 2
Length: 11'5"
Width: 35"
Weight: 74 lbs
Capacity: 705 lbs