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Alder - 16' Canoe 3 layer Polyethylene Stainless Hardware

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The Alder is the ultimate recreational canoe. It is beautifully made and can be used for lakes & rivers up to Class I. The 16' length and 937 lb. weight capacity make this an ideal boat for multiday river tripping or remote lake camping.

The Alder features three wooden frame webbed seats with gorgeous stainless-steel mounts & supports, PVC gunwales, and molded carry handles. The Alder is made with two outer polyethylene layers, with a middle foam layer for buoyancy, strength, and lighter weight. This will be your go-to family canoe for years to come. The three seating positions make it easy to paddle solo, tandem, or with the kids! (and dogs)

There are so many features we love about the Alder that it is hard to just pick one. Overall, we love the stability, versatility, and tracking of the Alder. It is a joy to paddle, and it is just a stunning boat to look at. Who wouldn't want a Big South Lime Green canoe?


Color: Lime
Passengers: 3
Length: 16'
Width: 38"
Weight: 98 lbs
Capacity: 937 lbs